Marking of Nouadhibou Port

La Maquinista Valenciana has just supplied the first shipment of Aids to navigation equipment for the Autonomous Port of Nouadhibou in Mauritania. This first shipment includes practically the full amount of the equipment, remaining for next year the supply of a tender ship for the mooring and the maintenance of buoys.

The project includes the complete renovation of Cap Blanc lighthouse and its leading light, the coastal beacons from Cansado and Chacal and the marking of the inner Port. It also includes the buoys of the channel access, composed by twenty two buoys for open sea type BCP3080 and BPR2040 equipped with LED lanterns type BDL300 and BDL120.

The safe water mark buoy also includes a LMV XXI Racon. In this turnkey project we also provide the panerai replica installation and the implementation as well as the training of the Port technicians that will be handling the maintenance.


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