Serie DES

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  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Stabilized and programmable output voltage.
  • Regulation of the output voltage by pulse width control (PWM)


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  • Capacity for 6 lamps.
  • Exact positioning of the lamp.
  • Low voltage drop contact.


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  • Automatic change from the operating lamp to the reserve lamp through a DC motor that acts on a reducer, allowing a smooth lamp change.
  • Very smooth lamp change, without bumps or shocks in the filament.


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  • The CMB200 can control LMV changers operating by spring or motor, like our CLB12 and CLC Series and control the rotation of motors for BGC type rotary beacons.
  • Flashing or steady light, with infinite selection of flash rhythms.


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  • The control unit is a control equipment developed for the management of MGE type motors.
  • The same CMA130 control unit is used for MGE150 and MGE1000 engines.
  • Cabinet with IP-67 degree of tightness.


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  • 20-channel GPS receiver.
  • The synchronizer and its antenna are integrated inside the beacon.
  • Use of GPS technology.