Luminous buoys

Serie BMG

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  • Double GRP outer coating.
  • Compact and unapproachable.
  • Excellent behavior against impacts, practically unsinkable.
  • Excellent chain capacity.
  • Float diameter 1 m

Serie BPR / BKR

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  • Rotomoulded polyethylene outer shell.
  • Polyurethane foam interior.
  • Maximum float diameter: 2.15 m

Serie BCP / BKP

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  • Núcleo de espuma de polietileno de célula cerrada.
  • Cubierta exterior de poliuretano elastómero autocoloreado.
  • Excelente resistencia a impactos.
  • Diámetros de 1 a 3 m.

Serie BCA / BFA

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  • Robust float, including 8 and 10 mm thick sheet steel bottom and spherical bottoms.
  • Four-legged superstructure in hot-dip galvanized steel profile, with backrest ring.
  • Float diameter: 2.2 and 3 m

Serie BAM

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  • Mooring buoys is designed to moor heavy tonnage boats.
  • Quick release hooks for large tonnage boats.
  • Practically unsinkable, compartmentalized float.

Reflector de radar

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  • Improved detection of the object on the radar even under poor visibility conditions, rough seas and fluctuating signals from rain.
  • RRQ series, square base reflectors.
  • RRS series, simple angle reflectors.