La Maquinista Valenciana was founded in 1880 and since 1914 is dedicated to marine aids to navigation, showing a high devotion and service capability to improve safety at sea, in a serious, continuous and effective way, with references in over 40 countries in all 5 continents.

Initially constituted as an integral factory assuming the complete manufacturing process of its products, nowadays LMV is configured as a modern industrial group, where each factory uses the most advanced technology in each specific field: Electronics, Electricity, Telecommunications, Optics, Plastics, Mechanics and Foundry.

LMV management and technical teams have considerable experience in the field of maritime signals, being able to assist and advise Port and Lighthouse Authorities on a complete range of specific matters, from beacon foundations at sea or land to port entry channel markings, for optimum and efficient port operation. Assistance with financial planning is provided in order to find the best financing means and funding sources for each client.

Since 1982 LMV has been an Industrial Member of the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (AISM-IALA), actively participating in every technical conference hosted by this institution, as well as in general conferences and industrial exhibitions.

In Spain, we are registered as Official State Contractors for Aids to Navigation.

Los equipos técnico y de dirección de LMV disponen de gran experiencia en el campo del balizamiento marítimo, y son capaces de asistir y asesorar a las Autoridades Portuarias y de Señalización Marítima, desde cimentaciones para balizas en el mar o en costa, hasta la señalización de canales de entrada a puerto para un funcionamiento portuario óptimo y eficaz. Ofrecemos también asesoramiento sobre los mejores medios y fuentes de financiación para cada cliente.

We offer a complete service, starting from the design, manufacturing and supply of navaids, to their commissioning, maintenance and personnel training. We also offer a full range of products, including long range lighthouses, beacons, buoys, towers, radar beacons, remote monitoring and control, and Automatic Identification System (AIS).