Marine engineering
La Maquinista Valenciana has a considerable experience in executing maritime and land-based works in the field of aids to navigation. For that purpose, we have a Marine Engineering & Architecture Department with more than thirty years of experience.
Project planning and financing
The technical teams from LMV can assist and advise Port and Lighthouse Authorities on a full range of subjects, including technical as well as financial aspects, in order to determine the best financing for each case.

Turnkey projects and special designs
LMV is able to implement works requiring modern project management, with full critical analysis from the manufacture of maritime signals to the mobilisation of a LMV team for installation in site. This ensures an efficient project execution from initial planning until final installation and commissioning.

Trainig, mantenance and operation service
Our instructors are able to train customer’s management, engineers and technicians in the correct operation, service and maintenance of our navaids systems. When dealing with large projects, we offer our customers an intensive training at our premises prior to the installation and commissioning. If necessary, maintenance and operation service can be undertaken by LMV under a fixed term of contract. This is especially useful for clients who prefer contracting out these services. We also have a wide range of ancillary equipment and accessories for spare parts.